ASUS Screen Flicker (AMD Ryzen Powered Laptops) and Unstable Wi-Fi with Intel Wi-Fi Cards

In case you experience screen flickering on a random situation or your wi-fi (internet) is unstable, you don't need to send your device for repair immediately. Try to update driver first from the official websites listed below. AMD Adrenalin 22.2.1 actually fixed the screen flicker issue. The latest Intel Driver also fixed lots of stability issues with its Wi-Fi Card. You can also update your NVIDIA Video Card Driver below to get enhancements for latest games. I also recommend you to regularly update your Windows and related applications for security and stability.

This was tested on Asus G14 Ryzen 4900HS on Windows 11 21H2.
Do a clean install if available.

AMD Drivers

Intel Drivers

NVIDIA Drivers