Armoury Crate Not Loading When Pressing the ROG Button


If you are using an ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop and you cannot load the Armoury Crate by pressing the ROG button on your keyboard, you must do the following to restore it.

We assume that you have the latest Armoury Crate installed on your laptop and the ASUS System Control Interface V3 is also installed. You can download the following below.

For all Asus products (Search for your individual product)

Go to Add or remove programs. You can press the Windows Key and type Add or remove programs to launch it.

Once inside the Add or remove programs, search for the Armoury Crate app.

Click the Option button (3 dots) then click Advanced options

Scroll down and look for the Reset. Click Reset button below.

After the reset, the button should work again.

This unwanted behavior could be triggered by updates on Armoury Crate which requires us to reset the application.