Alienware 17 R4 Issues and Fixes

Alienware 17 R4 is one of the best laptop that I've used in the past few years but it comes with some issues that needs to be addressed manually.

Issue 1: Keyboard is automatically entering 4444444 continuously or pressing left key automatically after Fresh Reset of Windows.
This issue is due to the outdated Tobii Eye Tracking Software. Once you activated Tobii Eye Tracking then the behavior starts happening. You need to visit and download the latest version of the Tobii Eye Tracking Software for Alienware.

Issue 2: Black Screen on Bootup
There are cases that I randomly encountered black screen on bootup. To fix this issue, just disable the Windows 10 Fast Startup by going to Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do (left) > Change settings that are currently not available  then uncheck "Turn on fast startup (recommended)"

Tips: Make sure to update Windows and run Alienware Update regularly.