How to Play Videos That Won't Play on Windows

Playing videos on your PC should be straight forward but there are a lot of times that it won't just work. You might think that those videos are damaged or corrupted but the reality is that those videos are just created or encoded using other codecs that are not supported by default on Windows. DVDs won't even play on a newly installed Windows 10 device since Microsoft removed the support for it long time ago. To solve those problems, there are some software that I recommend to install on your PC. VLC Player and K-lite Codec Pack are my top picks that works well and serves the purpose of making sure that you can play almost all videos on Windows.

VLC Player

K-lite Codec

VLC Player is a stand-alone media player that supports almost all known video and audio codecs available in the market. Aside from playing videos and audios, VLC can also do video and audio streaming.

K-lite Codec
K-lite installs different codecs on your PC so you can use any application on Windows to play your videos. That simply means that your Windows Media Player can suddenly play those videos that won't play before. K-lite also includes a media player called Windows Media Player Classic.

Installing both won't harm your PC.