How to Format Windows?

A lot of people will always ask for help in order for them to fix their Windows PC since re-installing Windows is not something that can be done by a newbie 5 years ago without assistance from a techie person. It is required to prepare a bootable flash drive or download the ISO of Windows and burn it into a DVD which is not easy to explain to everybody. To solve that problem, Microsoft created a way to make it easier to refresh (Format) your PC specially if you are encountering issues like slowdowns and errors.

This feature was introduced to the world with Windows 8. You can now refresh your PC like your mobile phone by just clicking few menu.

Before doing the refresh, make sure that all your files are safe in your backup storage and all other software licenses are on your side so you can install it later. You can store your files on your external hard drives or use online storage like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.

To start the refresh, search for "Reset This PC" by clicking the Window Key and typing "Reset This PC". For older version of Windows like Windows 8, you can search for "Reset My PC".

You can also go to Settings > Updates and Security > Recovery. This will bring you to the Recovery window.

Click the "Get Started" under "Recovery".
If you want to get rid of all your files then choose "Remove everything". This is the recommended way. In case you selected "Keep my files", only the programs installed on Windows (including Microsoft Office) will be removed and all your files will be intact.

The entire process will take at least 20 minutes to few hours depending on the speed of your machine. Once the refresh process is completed, make sure to run the following.
  • Windows Update
  • Disk Cleanup (Select Cleanup system files and check everything)
Your newly reinstalled Windows is now ready for use.