Fixing Asus G14 Random Audio Popping / Cracking


If your audio is randomly popping or cracking, you might want to upgrade your Realtek Audio Driver from the official Asus website ( After installing and restarting your computer, you need to manually install the driver by going to the "Device Manager" and go to the "Sound, video and game controllers". Click the "Realtek Audio" then open "Properties". Click "Update Driver" and instead of choosing "Search automatically for drivers", you should select "Browser my computer for drivers". On the next window, select "Let me pick from list of available drivers on my computer". Make sure to select the latest version of the driver and continue installing it. After making sure that the "Realtek" driver is updated, you should also uninstall and reinstall the "Intel WiFi" driver. You should not hear any popping sound after restarting.

Additional Tips
  1. Update the "BIOS". Latest version as of today is "Version 217".
  2. Update Windows 10 to the latest version. Latest version as of today is "Version 20H2".
  3. Disable "CPU Boost" to lower overall temperature. Average of 80C when playing in "Ultra mode" and in "Performance mode". Normal temperature is around 45C to 55C.
  4. Set the "Battery Health Charging" to "Balanced mode" on MyAsus App.